"What The PFargtl?" Used in the one of the deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer of the deleted scene of Strong Bad Email 169.
NARRATOR: The deleted scene that will have everyone asking, "WTPF?"

HOMESTAR: What the pfargtl?!
by Sue Don M. May 3, 2007
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Just basically means "what the predimensional fuckery" & is used when something fits together in such an impossible way it's probably beyond dimensions.

It also can be used as an substitution for wtf, wth or just illuminati confirmed.
V: ay look, the artist I stan listen to the artist I stanned before..

Sushimon: I don't believe u send proof
V: *sends proof pic*
Sushimon: wtpf.. No way this is actually happening!
by vsinfires September 13, 2018
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