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Word made popular by web-toon characters Homestar Runner and Coach Z. Synonym for the word "fuck" within the phrase "what the fuck?"

May also be a species of animal.
What the pfargtl??!?

by murgatroid May 04, 2007
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A exclaimation, mostly used in written form. Used to convey a feeling of excitement, satisfaction or joy. Has been described as the new w00t, however is not as popular.

Derived from J. K. Rowling's fictional creature, the Fwooper, which sings an (at first) enjoyable song which eventually drives the listener insane.

Repetitive use of the word "Fwoop" has the potenial to do the same thing.
"Fwoop! I finally have the Harry and the Potters new album!"

by murgatroid August 10, 2007
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Occurs when two or more people hold a conversation in the comments of another person's blog. Usually the conversation has little or nothing to do with the topic of the blog.
Originates from the term carjack.
OMG I have been blogjacked!!
by murgatroid May 04, 2007
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