4 definitions by Scummditty

1. Everyone's favorite animal that they used to pet when they were younger. Its poops Schmidty and reportedly has the amazing ability to order a Big Mac from Burger King and actually get one.

2. An extremely violent dump that has a force similar to that of an atomic bomb.
1. "Ok so I was sitting at the game last night, and then my Pfargtl came up out of know where and gave me a Big Mac. It was amazing."

2. "So I came home after eating that Big Mac and I took the biggest Pfargtl ever."
by Scummditty September 1, 2007
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Type of genre that combines aspects of metal and electronica. Similar in style to electronicore but is different in the same sense that metal is to hardcore.
by Scummditty December 8, 2007
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What you call a gelatinous substance when you are not sure exactly what it is. Dahuuuuuudge can be found in any form, size, or place.
So I was cleaning the bathroom and there was this wicked huge dahuuuuuudge on the floor.
by Scummditty December 8, 2007
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The most intense and heavy band in the history of man. Their music (if it can be called that, for it is truly much greater than mere "music") contains a power so great that it can and will consume one's soul.
If I ever see The 1 in concert, I will pee myself.
by Scummditty December 8, 2007
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