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A very shy and friendly girl. She is a great friend. She is helpful and kind. A girl with that name is extremely adorable and clever. Boys are falling for her and girls want her to be their friend. She is polite to everybody and impossible to do not like. If you ever meet a Petya, talk to her immediately!
Boy 1: Man, that girl...I think I'm in love.
Boy 2: Everyone is! She's Petya!
by xItalyFreak May 21, 2015
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Another way of saying "sexy" or "hot".
"Your bag is very Petya."


"Doesn't she look Petya today?"
by Angelina Taylor December 13, 2007
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A beuatiful soul. Usually a guy. Sometimes people do not know, if he is a boy or a girl. He has an androgynous look. He is somewhat mysterious, very talented though. If you ever cry, he always says the right thing. He does swear sometimes, but that adds to the charm. His crush friendzoned him, and you do not know why. He often has stunning eyes, and majestic hair. Alot of people love him, but he is usually riddled with insecurity. If you ever meet a Petya, never let him go. You will never get him back.
Wow, you act so much like Petya !
by Flippingepicmates November 25, 2017
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Its used when you see someone, thats hot and has body goals, with nice personality and pretty face... it comes from the girl Petya
Ohhh, ur so Petya!!
by velvetbxby January 20, 2019
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