1. n. A beauty of great proportions.
2. n. Everyone's favorite.
3. n. Adorable, sweet.
4. n. A true love of dogs.
by Miss Liv Ashlyn March 19, 2009
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A great Flamingo Goddess who works part time as a priest for demonic ceremonies. She lives in a well. She has a servant named Gareth.
Who was the priest at your funeral

Oh, it was Petunia
by MuffinHaver March 14, 2021
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The name of Little Pete's left forearm tattoo from the television series "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," depicting a woman in a red dress. Is frequently made to "dance" by Little Pete.
Dance, Petunia, dance!
by John October 8, 2008
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The most sassy, hateful, mother like human in the world. Usually has the voice of a five year old brat but tries to be loving. She may also go by Brianna or Breanna.
Person 1: Hey petunia!
Person 2: I'm Breanna
Person 1: Whatever you say Petunia!!
by Kill myself pls May 29, 2018
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A girl who is really funny but who you are also ALWAYS concerned for. You better watch her or you'll end up hearing the deepthroat song over over and over again. But Petunia always has Gucci.
Petunia, what are you looking up? How do you know this?
by Karahballa October 4, 2018
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1. a flower of the purple color
2. british slang for "great"
Person 1: That was a petunia cup of tea
Person 2: Righto, mate!

Person 1: I'd like some petunias
Person 2: Okay I'll go pick some
by marcus4321 November 26, 2011
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