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A phrase used to describe discreet female masturbation.

An act of rubbing ones vagina on another object discreetly.

It is not believe that an orgasm can be reached when Pervin Mervin, but rumours have been heard of rare occasions where this may happen.
I caught her Pervin Mervin on the Rocking horse..
Have you seen Lucy? She's probably Pervin Merivn somewhere.
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by TheRandom One June 14, 2017
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when you, one of your brahdahs, or some other bullay be spyin for some bean shots. pervin mervins are most common at Sandy Beach Oahu on any weekend especially saturday when everybody get one hangover from gettin allbus friday night.
nick: ho bah! hows daniel fawkin one pervin mervin!
jason: ahahaha dat bullay is gettin plenty bean shots today
by nickvdub December 26, 2007
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