Commonly used in the UK to describe an overweight street bum, not sure where it originated it may be rhyming slang (fat ferret?)
Look at that Perrett over there going through the bin looking for an old subway....fat bum!
by Viva la Rock July 31, 2003
A small mammal with large feet, being a distant cousin to the hobbit. Known for its good money sense, its genius at golf and its cameleon like colour changing ability ...but also for its always catching colds and having a bunged up nose.
"just bang it out, just get it done ...put perrett on to it"
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
to be of comical stature; The size of a perretts feet are said to be a reflection of his/her dependancy on ones mother.
"I must check through my laundry before loading the machine,I may find a perrett".
by gustov prabovic August 11, 2003
A well endowed lunchbox, typically full of sandwiches (without crusts), a fruit pie, a chocalate desert and a choclate bar.
by Mumsy August 28, 2003
a derogotary word to describe a typical Mummy's boy. An adult who still rely's on his parents for clothing, a house and sanwhiches wivout cwusts!!!
'look at that spoilt kid, what a Perrett!!!'
by Legs Eleven August 20, 2003