A person or place that is beat down or worn out. Someone who is hung over or lacking rest. It can also describe someone getting drunk or partying really hard. It can be said in plural or singular form, both have equal meanings.
"I'm so Permed from last nights drinks I can barely function at work today" "Tonight I'm gonna get my Perm on!" "May the Perm be with you" "Was she cute? Or was she Perm" "
by Drunklando October 13, 2011
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Someone who smokes a large amount of weed every day; permafried.
Dan’s so permed he tried paying for his coffee with his driver’s licence.
by mangydank December 25, 2017
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Oh he got a perm he must be gay
by Susboy445 December 11, 2020
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More commonly known as a relaxer, a perm is a series of chemicals that African-American girls use on their hair to make it look less curly, rough, and thick. As a result, their hair becomes darker, straighter, thinner, softer, longer and smoother.
I got a perm yesterday and I love my hair now.

Your hair looks really nice. Did you get a perm?
by The Hit September 8, 2009
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Incapacitation due to excessive alcohol consumption and/or use of controlled substances.
Primarily used in Arkansas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.
Lloyd perm? Oh yeah, you know Lloyd perm!
by C Lloyd January 2, 2008
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When a white boy, typically a “Brock” decides to curl their hair permanently to become more “black”
Look at Brock that dumb ass got a PERM
by Thicc nigga asteroid February 5, 2020
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