A action to diminish, kill, or destroy another.
Peasant: Please help me, i'll do anything!
Obama: Anything?
Peasant: Yes, anything. Please save me!
Obama: Then Perish.
*Peasant dies immediately*
by Pestilence1 March 26, 2018
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A basic bitch/THOT who deserves to die (perish).
I was walking through my college campus and passed by a girl drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte, who was complaining to her friend about how her dad had gotten her a Mercedes instead of a Range Rover. Man, what a PERISH.
by DevSuperJew September 4, 2019
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To die or be destroyed, or disappear gradually
"I shall perish" (I am going to die)
by A.K. Winding January 13, 2009
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smashed, wasted, fucked up, out the game, destroyed, ruined
seen the state of him, he's fuckin perished !!

what happened to your bet? it perished mate
by mickybubble July 17, 2011
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FOOD THAT YOU SHOULD NOT BRING TO THE AVE. The likelihood that this food goes bad is 100%. An avetard will completely forget about this food in the pantry and let it go bad. When it goes bad, an avetard still won't give a shit, and will most likely eat it anyways no matter how old it is and how bad it smells. Most of the food at the Ave also most likely ends up being covered in mold.
Yea, Ian ate those beans that were just sitting on the counter for 3 weeks that smelled like shit even though I told him they were an example of a perishable food, he said they tasted good.
by TurnM3Up November 12, 2019
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