used to describe a woman's ass or boobs and how good they look that they might as well have come from California
man 1: hey see that girl, thats my ex
man 2: whoa I can't have her but she got that california perfection!
man 3: she may as well have come from california since her boobs are sooooo fresh
man 1: mmmmm...
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Is accepting them for who they are. And not judging them for there flaws. Them being your dream boy/girl
That person is being perfect to someone
by Dgccbjkncdsy February 10, 2019
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something that isn’t comparable to anything else. something that changes the meaning of perfect.
Guy: whoa have you seen that girl? she’s beyond perfect
Other guy: oh you mean that girl Lois? yeah she is
by Doseful May 3, 2020
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ShadowBinder someone who is so perfect that the word perfect can't describe her, my wifey, fav mod, and someone I'd die for in a heartbeat
by Marbleous February 11, 2021
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My best friend Dakota from Instagram, she's the true embodiment of 100% perfection! Ilysm Dakota you might think I'm crazy for this but I want you to know how much you mean to me. ❤
My best friend Dakota is 100% true perfection!
by WWEFANGIRLY20 December 31, 2019
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An absolutely 100% perfect person is one whom is hard working, loyal, smart, funny, caring and who doesn’t give up even when life sucks (etc). In this case a he, whom is very dear to my heart and who has displayed every single 100% perfect quality that there is to display. Even his flaws are absolutely perfect. There are very few 100% perfect people in their world and If like me you have one you are indeed a very lucky person.
Greg: Is that Ayden Bascom?

Me: yes, isn’t he absolutely 100% perfect?
by Averygoodgirl January 12, 2022
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