Probably the western-most city in Florida, west of Pensacola. Nice beaches, great restaurants, and no cops, but all of this potential is wasted by it's lack of people. Seriously, no one ever goes there. Natives are usually chill motherfuckers who spend their days drinking beer, fishing, and doing whatever the hell they want because there's no one to stop them. It's basically Pensacola Beach's barren little brother.
Perdido Native - "Hey bro, wanna come chill in my hood this weekend?"

Pensacolian - "For sure, where do you live?"

Perdido Native - "Perdido"

Pensacolian - "Perti-what?"
by Bored-ass Perdido Kid December 22, 2010
A rare blade originating from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and perhaps the greatest character in the entire Xeno Series. Perdido resembles a humanoid robot with 4 arms, each wielding a different weapon. Perdido is only available as a usable blade in the new game+ version of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, however he appears as an enemy fighting alongside Patroka at the end of chapter 4. Unfortunately, Perdido is killed right after the fight, but he always lives on in spirit.

Perdido is a generally loyal blade and a very powerful asset, and despite the fact that he has 4 separate weapons melee, he uses an ether cannon for normal attacks.
"Have you played xenoblade chronicles 2 for the nintendo switch?"
"yes, perdido is the greatest video game character of all time."
by Inkie Zach May 3, 2022
A vehicle driving at night with one headlight. Thus causing everyone in the car to shout "perdido" and punching anyone who does not say it. The first to see the one head light vehicle wins.
by klinker171 October 20, 2009