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When a woman is having her period or about to.
Clyde: "Are you on your per-per?"

Jane: "Oh, she is just on her per-per..."
by Mr. Super Pib January 04, 2012
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n. one who derps on purpose; a purposeful derper; one who cultivates derping to get out of responsibilities; a form of trolling...
1) Claim you have "no kitchen skills, and clumsiness" to get out of helping with dinner.
2) asking for help with BASIC and obvious life choices
3) ex.

Gabe: "if I want to add something to Urbandictionary, do I click on the "add" tab?"

Missy: "you are such a perper. you are perping. that is so f***ing obvious!!!"

Gabe: "so?"
by Yodelette May 12, 2011
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doing something cute or it can also mean a fly.
a guy opening a door for a old lady "per per"
eww a per per landed on my food.
by nigjew September 23, 2007
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