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Pentucket Regional High School is a tri-town school for Groveland, West Newbury and Merrimac Mass. It is located in West Newbury, though through the years Merrimac has tried to build a new high school on their side of the Merrimack River. Pentucket is notorious for fights, being underfunded, drug use, bomb threats, and a nationwide hazing incident with a banana and some teabagging. A few football players at camp decided to violate the freshmen. They claimed they did it for the lulz. The high school is too small for its 1000 or so students and can ill afford the proper supplies or staff to run a high school. Despite all this, Pentucket is rated among the best schools in MCAS and SAT testing. How that fucking happened... No one knows.
Outsider "What school do you go to?"
Pentucketer "Pentucket"
Outsider *throws banana at Pentucketer*
by Miles Cockwood May 03, 2012
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"Dude, I sack tapped Brandon, and now he has the whole team trying to sack tap me"
by Chris M July 07, 2004
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Pen-tuh-ket: Almost every girl owns uggs, yoga pants and a northface. And thats what they wear everyday. They all own iPhones. Theirs the haverhill high wannabes who twerk and wear jordans, theres the druggies, he screamo kids that wear band shirts and are really the nicest students there, the nerds, chorus/thearter/band nerds The preps are the most common, the girls look as I said earlier and the guys all wear expensive attire. a lot of nikez toms, and sperrys. rou see a llot of fiji water bottles, and a lot of students that think they are to rich, to good, and to pretty to be around each other. We got famous for arresting an autistic student, hazing with a banana, and a out break in the rare Norovirus. Either u own a farm or a minimansion Three towns make up pentucket, groveland, merrimac, and west newbury. Groveland is a town full of athletes and druggies/ alcoholic students that dont show it off because if we do, everyone in town will.know in a matter of seconds. Merrimacis full of longboarding druggies and alcoholics (that yes, show it off) and where most of our arrested students come from. They think theyre ghetto, but theyre just as white as groveland. West newbury is pretty much all farms,a town even worse than groveland. We all claim to hate our towns and pentucket, but domt leave The buildings older than dirt and we never remodel it, its actually been the same since it opened Dont even ask about the vending machines with debit card access to pay for ur organic food.
Guy 1: is that kid wearing a pentucket sweatshirt?
Guy 2: whats he doing in haverhill
Guy 1: he looks terrified lol
Guy 2: he prob thinks were gonna steal his iphone and beats beatspr his daddys money


*pentucket kid runs*
by pentucketkid August 04, 2013
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