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Groveland is an awful little town in northeastern Massachusetts where nothing ever happens. Even so, it is the most interesting place in the Pentucket district because West Newbury is like dead space and Merrimac, MA is too close to New Hampshire. The only reason Groveland is interesting in any way is because downtown is basically in Haverhill. It is full of a bunch of kids who almost entirely turn in to stoners by high school and think they are really, really tough when they are actually pussies. Meanwhile, the parents think that Groveland is a "drugfree" community and that those bad Haverhill kids aren't going to taint their little angel. Groveland also has The Pines, and The Manor, the closest thing Pentucket has to a ghetto. This is where 90% of all the black and hispanic people in Pentucket live all the white parents tell the kids not to go there because they don't want them to be scared by all the dark-skinned people. Groveland basically has your standard upper class snooty rich folk (though not as bad as West Newbury) and middle class working folk who can barely afford to live there. The poorest people in Groveland live in The Manor or in the neighborhood behind DeLeo's but even those people aren't lower class, they just are relatively poor compared to all the rich people. Groveland is boring and unless you live in the area, there should be no reason why you ever need to come here.
Haverhill Kid 1: Hey, what's with that big group of guys smoking weed next to Market Basket? Don't they see that cop car?
Haverhill Kid 2: Oh, can't you tell by their Pentucket sweatshirts? They must be from Groveland.
Haverhill Kid 1: Oh, shit. The Haverhill cops are gonna get those stupid rich pricks.
Haverhill Kid 2: ha ha good. I just hope none of them are my hookups from the Manor.
by BoysLoveVaginas January 02, 2011
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a gay little town in which a lot of russian people take over the shit pond during the fourth of july. This town consist of a bunch of meth'd out welfare recipients. Everyone knows everyone in the town. The population is less then 4000 and you are lucky to find it on a map. The high school only houses 40 people and the market is over priced. Almost everyone has gotten a DUI and under aged substance use is a must. Its amazing to know someone that hasn't had a kid before they are 18. The people here are like the ones you see on movies doing sheep,horses,brothers,sisters, cousins, and even having sex for drugs. Please never raise a child here or even in the 209 thank you.
guy 1:Yo man i just went to Groveland and there are sexy mama's everywhere.
guy:2No way really?
guy1: Yeah if you like fat Russians that don't shave and wear speedo's.
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