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Mispelled mockery of Penrith, makes fun of the way bogans in Penrith speak.A funny little place that is on the outskirts of the Sydney Metropolitan area (largely due to urban sprawl). About 50 kms away from the heart of Sydney. Home to the Penrith Panthers.
The coolest person in the world (Deborah) lives in Penriff!
by Lilian October 02, 2005
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the best fuking city in da world west of sydney wiv all ppl wearing flannos's and drinking beer and also has the pemirship winning football team
i wish i lived at penriff
by shauno August 06, 2004
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A mockery of how people that actually live in Penrith say it. I personally live NEAR IT and i know that it's rare not to come across who has planned/is planning to change the plants on high Street that says "PENRITH" (planted in the year 2000 for the olympics) to "PENRIFF"

I know i have, many times(:
me: YEWWW, man we gawnna go down tew Penriff to bash do's niggaz who steppin on ourz land, yo. call all da eshays lads brah! tell dem what's happenin"
someone not from penriff: "Please STFU before you get gang raped."
by chuck eyyyy May 21, 2008
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