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(homo amicus stylens) A species of human made nearly extinct by the advent of electronic mail, penpals communicate via the ancient art of Penmanship – the inscription of meaningful symbols on filaments of pulped wood. After their creation, these Letters would be entrusted to government officials for transportation and delivery to their intended recipient – often over great distances.
'Daddy, what's a penpal?'

'I dunno, kid. Ask me later - I'm texting Jerry in Vancouver.'
by Michael Hooper March 13, 2008
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A pen pal is a person with whom one becomes friends by exchanging letters via mail
Kellin: "yay, my letter from my pen pal from sweden just came in!"
Mom: "What did she say sweetie?"
by niall's mofo November 18, 2012
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A rare version of the human species that has not yet been sabotaged by the electronic world.
Mom: Honey what are you doing?
Daughter: Writing to my penpal
Mother: Jesus my daughter has been reincarnated from the 19th century
by JL<3 October 05, 2017
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a person with whom one regularly exchanges letters, often a person in another country whom one has not met
We haven't met in real life but i love exchanging letters with my penpal.
by Wafu February 12, 2012
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A girl who gives you her number or adds you on FaceBook, then wants to text or message you all the time and never wants to actually hang out. Sometimes happens when you get a girls number for a booty call and then she wants to text you, but never puts out. The opposite of a Cutty Buddy
I'm 23 and in college. I'm looking for a piece of ass, NOT a penpal!

You ever smash Tracy? No, she kept wanting to text all day, so I put her on penpal status.
by NoSleep November 23, 2010
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People who want to write letters to other people around the world. They send each other long letters about their life and culture.
This is usually done by people who have nothing better to do.
Or just by people who have an interest in learning about other peoples lifes.
" Hi,my name is Billy Joe and I am looknig for a penpal.I live in the U.S and prefer penpals who live in Europe,Asia,and Australia."
by xxSemeSupremexx June 21, 2009
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A guy who only text during work hours when he's trying to kill time. The conversations are normaaly generic in detail and he often asks to hang out without any indication of when that will be. During the weekend or after work hours the pen pal is unavailable and if he does wanna see you, it's to come over to your house with intentions of having sex.
Jane: pen pal is texting you? Who's that?

Beckie: I don't know who exactly but if we don't go out or talk when I'm off work I just call them my pen pal. They kill time when I'm bored.
by BeckiMorgan December 29, 2013
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