A small-ass hickville in the middle of the finger lakes region of new york. In Penn Yan, if you are young, there is NOTHING to do. And if anyone from Penn Yan sees this, you'll agree. NOTHING TO DO.
Person 1)Where do you live???
Person 2)Hick-ville.
Person 1)You mean Penn Yan?
by pritchard April 4, 2005
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It is by far the worst place to live in the United States, there are more rednecks here than Alabama and there's nothing to do.
Who the hell would want to live in Penn Yan?
by Yeetnado May 23, 2019
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A swirling vortex of suck which resides 30 miles south of Rochester, NY on Keuka Lake.
This place sucks as bad as Penn Yan, NY!
by wang kong March 28, 2008
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I slept with many Penn Yan Girls got Many STD'S... That Girl From Penn Yan had more STD'S than a toilet at a Truck stop.
by David Mayhan June 20, 2008
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