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Mikel folding a slice of bread in a specific way to make it look like the head of a penis.
"Penisbread = The New Jesus"
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
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Founded in 2003, a man playing WoW came up with a new recipe for an amazing food, and that food is Penis Bread.
The ingredients are:

1 slice of foreskin

1 pound of bread dough

These are the steps too make this item:

1. Slice off a Christians penile foreskin and roll it flat with the roller tool.

2. Get 1 pound of bread dough and also roll the shit out of it.

3. Rip off little pieces of foreskin and place into the bread dough onto random areas of the bread. (Any design is okay).

4. Place the finished dough into an over and bake at 375 degrees F. Let is cook for about 15 minutes, or however long it takes until the bread looks like..well, bread.

5. After 15 minutes is up, let it cool, and you're finished!

6. (optional) Use the fresh Penis Bread for a sandwich or for a nice French Baguette, any other choice is okay.
Mom calls her son Timothy around Dinner Time..

"Hello?" -Tim

"Hey Time, is Mom, I need you to come home right way!" -Mom

"But why!?" -Tim

"Because I have a fresh loaf of Penis Bread on the table for us ready to go to town on!" -Mom

"Sweet Mom! You're awesome!" -Tim
by kongaman May 24, 2011
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