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A word to describe someone who has a face that looks like a penis.
Have you looked in the mirror lately, penis face?
by Jackson January 25, 2004
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having a penis where your face should be
"Hey do you know Matt?"
"Yeah isn't he the guy with a penisface?"
by Mike Byrd January 22, 2009
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An explitave used to describe someone behaving badly. Much more creative than asshole, fucker, or cunt.
That server was very curt, what a penis face!
by maurad March 18, 2006
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The art of drawing a penis; and turning into a face. Whether it be smiling, frowning, or nuetral. A penis face always, always ALWAYS has eyelashes.
I was doodling a penis on my desk; and when the teacher walked by, totally turned into a penis face. I am THE BOMB.
by TheLoneBanana April 10, 2010
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