The sticky white liquid that comes from the end of the male genitels. Usually, this happens when the male becomes excited, the result of an orgasm.
Wow, look at my penis juice. It has sprayed all over the computer screen.
by - Ian July 29, 2006
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The juice from the penis, also known as semen, pee, and blood.
Look at all the penis juice.. m-maybe you should taste?
Bruh.. my penis juice is red, I better go to the doctor.
by Droggu May 19, 2019
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Cum or pee
"HAHA im gonna make you pregnant with my penis juice!!"
"Time to pee my penis juice"
by Dattttttttttt Boiiiiiiiiiiiiii September 9, 2020
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when a black persons penis squirts out very large amount of semen into a very small white woman.
by nigger dictionary October 5, 2020
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the juice that comes out of a mans "elephant trunk" ;)
"What's this all over my sheets? Toothpaste?"
"Just my penie juice, don't worry."
by jjfox February 26, 2014
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