The act of sticking your penis into a unsuspecting victims drink, and 'using your swizzle stick as a swizzle stick.' Can include the added 'extra' of bodily fluids.
Man, can you believe Gups gave Jaraad a Penis Colada at that 21st the other night.
by Dwayne's Love Child November 27, 2008
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The name of the load a woman swallows the night after her man spent the entire day drinking pineapple juice.
her: who drank all the goddamn pineapple juice?
Him: don't worry babe I made you a penis colada.
by ElSenorDuke November 22, 2014
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Any drink that has been urinated in, ejaculated in, or had a penis inserted into it.

This magical transformation is usual done to enemies who are unaware.
Remember, you can turn any of your enemies (or friends) drinks into a Penis Colada.

I just gave that lucky asshole a penis colada!
by RBurton May 17, 2009
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Guzzling the penial excrement after a male has consumed a significant amount of pineapple, and tasting the fruity, refreshing flavor.
I gave that dude a blow job and he'd totally had a full serving of fruit; I slurped up his penis colada.
by Enell January 5, 2013
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A normal piña colada with a little bit of semen in it
My husband makes a mean penis colada you should try it some time
by Jeffery Epstein July 5, 2021
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A deliciously refreshing 'cock'tail of semen depensensed from a loving male organ of into the mouth of a thirsty partner.
Victoria must've drank a pint of Penis Colada at the bukkake party in Wolverhampton last night!
by Torso69 June 11, 2009
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