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The act of sticking your penis into a unsuspecting victims drink, and 'using your swizzle stick as a swizzle stick.' Can include the added 'extra' of bodily fluids.
Man, can you believe Gups gave Jaraad a Penis Colada at that 21st the other night.
by Dwayne's Love Child November 27, 2008
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A way of expressing that someone is sexually attractive. It is often used with irony or playfulness.

Comes from the verb “breed” which is to copulate with intent of bearing children.

For someone to be truly “breedable” they need to be fertile.
Anon: You are looking mighty breedable this fine evening, m’lady.
Stacy: Please don’t say that to me.
Brad: Woh, you look submissive and breedable, Becky.
Becky: Wow, thanks. *sex*
by 100PercentEthylAlcohol July 14, 2021
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The name of the load a woman swallows the night after her man spent the entire day drinking pineapple juice.
her: who drank all the goddamn pineapple juice?
Him: don't worry babe I made you a penis colada.
by ElSenorDuke November 21, 2014
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Any drink that has been urinated in, ejaculated in, or had a penis inserted into it.

This magical transformation is usual done to enemies who are unaware.
Remember, you can turn any of your enemies (or friends) drinks into a Penis Colada.

I just gave that lucky asshole a penis colada!
by RBurton May 16, 2009
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Guzzling the penial excrement after a male has consumed a significant amount of pineapple, and tasting the fruity, refreshing flavor.
I gave that dude a blow job and he'd totally had a full serving of fruit; I slurped up his penis colada.
by Enell January 04, 2013
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The act of giving oral stimulation to the male genitals with cold coconut milk, straight out the fridge.
"If you like PenisColadas, and getting caught in the rain..."
by Alpha_rustic_divine November 25, 2017
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