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Peguin is an exotic FLUFFY fowl that is deficient in alcohol dehydrogenase-1 found indigenous to the island of Oahu.

These birds are known to be slow, but pride themselves in upper body strength. Legend has it they can do one pull-up. It is also a known fact they are much slower than Morulas. To avoid being trampled, they often wait an extra 10 minutes as an evolutionary survival habit to avoid being trampled.

The Peguin are a sociable species, often traveling in a group of six. They are known to make a lot of noise, but produce little in terms of results.

Colloquially, someone is a Peguin if they can talk the talk but can't walk the walk.
Person 1: Dude, you spelled penguin wrong.
Person 2: No, it's a freaking bird that's indigenous to Hawaii.

Person 1: We'll burn you at the race tomorrow, Person 2
Person 2: Bring it on Peguin.

Person 1: yo, yo yo, let's do Jagerbombs.
Person 2: Let's do it, first one is on me.
Person 1: uh... hahaha, I was joking.
Person 2: Fucking Peguin.
by Cawaiian February 25, 2011
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