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Seeing a one-legged person and making it your nights mission to sleep with them.
The other night at the bar, a one-legged man walked in and Ginger proudly exclaimed I'm going peglegging tonight!
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To sleep with an under-age Girl then lie about it in court by singing your own songs.
The judge was not impressed with wobble board solo performed by the peglegging defendant.
by asleepfromday June 10, 2014
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when you are walking through semi-stable snow, usually at least two feet deep, and one foot keeps falling through the snow and the other leg remains stable. thus you appear to be walking on a peg leg and it's rather amusing.
my boyfriend kept laughing at me as I was peglegging through the snow, but then he slipped on the ice and fell...good times...
by Mercedes Bends January 04, 2008
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