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A twisted version of hide and go seek where the hiders are children and the seeker(s) are pedophiles. Same rules as hide and go seek but once a hider is found/caught they are raped by the pedophile. Best if played at night and on school grounds (depending on the size of the playing area extra pedophiles may be needed) to add to the intensity that school children are running from a crazy pedophile. Some acting is required to get the best experience by both the pedophile and children: Player as the pedophile should make creepy grunts and scary laughs to scare the children, and children should scream and cry if caught and raped. Be warned that if school is by residential area and screaming is loud enough the police will be called. Invented by some crazy Gs up in Kenmore, Wa
Michael: We're playing pedophile tonight around 11
Alex: Sweet, who's playing pedophile?
Michael: Probably Taylor, he is the creepiest
Alex: Okay see you then

Pedophile: Game
by Elphy August 20, 2010
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