A large skinny oddly shaped head resembling a peanut. Usually this person also has small ears
Mookie you have a tiny ass head, stupid peanut head ass
by Swaggy_D November 15, 2014
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a stupid supposedly derogatory remark said by a person usually of the black race. this insult is one to make fun of the shape of a persons head.
Yo peanut head lookin ass!!!
by Aaron Vandivort March 18, 2006
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A skull that is long and thin, whereby the side to side length is less than 75% of the front to back length (dolichocephalic or "long-headed"). Most blacks have long and thin heads, thus are sometimes called peanut heads. This condition is not a deformity, but merely an environmental adaptation made in order to dissipate heat.
That man got a peanut head on him
by Moggggggz August 31, 2006
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Somebody with an unusually shaped head, often with the first name Toby
Ryan: “Have you seen Toby’s head”
Jack: “Yeah, It is a Peanut Head”
by Smiths secret santa November 27, 2018
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