Slang term for a Drag Queen who is very attractive and well put together in both male and female form. Sometime's their "feathers" are up, sometime's they're down, but they are always pretty.
"You think she's hot now? You should see her as a boy. He's a total peacock!"

"That's YOU in drag? Wow, you're a peacock!
by mysterious6969 September 2, 2010
A man holding court with ladies. Comes off in a non-subtle, vain and superficial manner.
"He was in the bar last night playing peacock"
by AntoniaC123 July 16, 2008
Annoying, that has wacky hair and loves to post mumble. Likes to be popular but is not. Trys to get people in trouble.
by Peacock333 April 2, 2009
An annoying girl who usually talks about dirty things when u never want to and is very rude to people and tries to ruin them
That chick is such a bitch and acts dirty shes such a peacock
by Landon Marcus October 20, 2016
A person with and amazing cool hair style
This Peacock's doo is so awesome that I want to touch it!
by Davesterdewbacca June 1, 2005
Someone who flaunts there social life on facebook.
Joe Blow's Status - i am going to the toilet
FB Friend -Joe Blow is such a peacock
by crappy stackie June 23, 2011
A fabulous gay man that's always strutting his stuff. Prancing around like he's The Shit on a runway.

FruitFly's love them.
You see that gay man over there? he's so fabulous.

I know! He's such a peacock!
by AarBear'sGayStraightLover April 10, 2011