Nickname designated for fans of the Black Eyed Peas.
My and Laura are going to a Black Eyed Peas concert. We are definitely Peabodies.
by twDEF April 7, 2008
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Peabody; A city of rougly 50 - 55,000 people about 15 minutes north of Boston, MA. Divided into 3 or 4 major areas: Central/Downtown; lower class, known for violence,lots of businesses...West Peabody; middle to upper middle class, the exception being the Rt. 1 trailor parks.... South Peabody; middle class with nothin really good but projects and some white wannabee gangstas. Theres a few malls too. and if u like heroin, peabodys for u... thers brothels too for all u prostitution fans.. and thats about it
im from peabody aka pcity pbd, p biddy, the biddy, shitstain, ect...
by the real pbd resident October 11, 2005
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A nerd, but without the negative connotations that the word "nerd" brings. Someone who is classically nerdy pursues intellectual activities, but is often derided for a lack of social skills. A peabody also engages in the same pursuits, but also has a full complement of personality and likableness to boot.
Fred talked about the LHC for 30 minutes... I had no idea it was so great. He's a real peabody.
by haasebert December 29, 2011
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A person with an incredibly small head who normally leads a life thinking they are the most popular person on the planet when their not.
A typical Peabody could be seen driving a BMW M3, probably their dads or something daddy brought them. As they normally have a small frame also their heads are just about visible over the steering wheel (unless using a booster seat).
Normally have loud music blearing out, window down thinking they are really cool.

When a Peabody is seen the typical response from members of the public should be a Peabody screech.
To perform a Peabody screech you need to take a deep breath and shout out loud and in a ridiculous high-pitched voice "Peeeeeeaabooooddddyyyeeee" this should normally last approximately two to three seconds to allow the driver time to hear the chant over the music while they drive past.
Hey Jarv, look at that Peabody (Peeeeeeaabooooodddyyyyeee) in the BMW, what a cock!

No way look behind at that Peabody in the car behind lol.
by Edmunger November 1, 2020
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A North Shore city north of Boston, MA, with a population of about 50,000-55,000. Peabody is a nice city, and where I live, but has three pretty distinct parts.

Not gonna go too long on it; here we go:

Central: lower to middle class, pretty ghetto/rough area, a few nice parts to it near the Northshore Mall. Where I live.

South: middle class, most kids think they're cool and athletic. Nothing else to say.

West: middle to upper class, snobby, think they're better than everyone else. They even wanted to remove themselves from Peabody and become their own town, they're so arrogant. However, a few cool cats (by that I mean not snobby) come out from West sometimes.

Overall, Peabody (pronounced P-biddy) is an ethnically-diverse city, with dramatically different areas. But overall, there are a lot of nice people, and a nice place to live.
Bob: What part of Peabody do you live in?
Bill: Central.
Bob: I'm wicked sorry.
by BWSMan November 16, 2010
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Peabody - A city mainly filled with preps, wannabe gangsters, and jocks who constantly cause drama for themselves and other people, hence it's nickname of "Drama City". Not particular notable for anything else.

The three main sections of Peabody are:

West Peabody: The snobbish part of Peabody, filled with mostly rich white kids who hound off their parents money

Central Peabody: The "ghetto" part of Peabody, or about as ghetto as Peabody can get. Not much over here except the library.

South Peabody: Almost entirely middle class, a lot of the same kind of people but probably the best part of Peabody
"Parents decided to move to Peabody instead of Salem? I'm so sorry."
by P-Body Kid August 16, 2011
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