In return for going out of your way or just being a good person, payment of oral sex.
Jee, Thanks alot for the drive home

Pay Up!!

by foug March 25, 2003
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When you go out on a date and you make your gf/bf pay when the date was your idea
You pay up
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A term of endearment often said in a loud manner when bumping into someone who owes u money or goods.
Hey Brian, time to Pay up Maggot!
by DANBEAUTO October 25, 2019
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When you have to convince a male usually named drew that he owes for a typo
by Pixie pic December 15, 2022
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Pay Up Productions is a Independently owned and independently ran. Production multimedia LLC Created in 1999. Founded by CEO TopPop212 from the Lower East Side of Manhattan Smith projects nycha
"Let's go drop a track at pay up Productions. NO CAPS Small Studio But they know what they doing. FACTS"
by Hood Facts 100 February 6, 2020
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