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A very sweet homo homo (and yes, it's a double negative) who spends time caring for others, playing music, and working on his 8-pack. A perfect 10, a Paxon is the dream for any woman with taste.
hey how was your date last night?

omg i can't even explain it. he's such a paxon. i am totally in love with him.

i thought you were done with boys?

i am, hes not a boy. he's a homo homo. there is a very big difference.
by ThaFish April 25, 2009
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A school in Duval County that is a sorry excuse for a "smart" school. About 103% black and everything is so ghetto. The nickname is Paxon Dirt because its so dirty and grungy. The assistant principals piss everyone off to no end, and everyone who goes there is miserable. However, the mischief in the school is fun, and since nobody that goes there cares about learning the school has alot of funny shit happen. Its a lame school, but hell the sandwich shop across the street makes great fries.
Nigga wez be goin to da paxyon sckoo fo advansd stoodies. an i iz be makin me some strate effs cuz dey stand fo fantastik. i iz be proud cuz now i feel smart. so imma celamabrate an go cross da skreet fo sum sannwich shop friez. I hayt Paxon buh i luv dem hoes datz be goin derre. So yeeuhz
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Paxon Hollow may have some bad sport teams but the feild hockey team was undefeated so suck on that.....but have you ever seen the hot girls expecialy those hot seventh graders from 04-05...and were not poor dirty people most of us have lots of money but we dont go to notre dame ormalvern because we want guys and girls at our school and dont feel like wearing the uniforms!! =
by x3 your lover x3 March 17, 2005
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psas sucks ass, fuck IB, fuck bitchy ms mason, dumbass teachers, holes in the ceiling that take your keys, thank god its over.
how the fuck is paxon the number 3 school in the nation?
by craig "the beast" and brian April 09, 2005
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Paxon School for "Advanced" Studies
The gayest school ever. These bitches can't even beat Stanton at football. And stanton blows at football, hard.
"We be fags, cause we go to Paxton Skool for Advense Stoodies"-Bo and Neal
by Bo and Neal October 16, 2003
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