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One of the greatest trance artists of the twenty-first century. Uncanny resemblance to an unshaven, spikey-haired, cool-sauce Mistar Stassi. Known best for his work with the Global Underground and other various albums, including the soundtrack to the blockbuster action movie "Swordfish" starring Wolverine and that fag from "Battlefield Earth".

Contrary to myth, Paul Oakenfold does not possess supernatural powers. However, he does cast Trance Magic when he is low on hit points (known best as a "limit break").
Paul Oakenfold goes to Oslo. Forty Swedes die in a freak "terribly good music" accident.
by Stasis AMK3 January 26, 2004
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1. A complete sellout.

2. Owner of Perfecto Records

3. A poineering dj and the force that brought house music to the masses in the UK.

4. A once amazing, now highly overrated dj that has yet to update his severely aged sound

5. The perfect example of what happens to an artist once he/she makes mass amounts of money.
Look at the fine print on "Creamfields: Paul Oakenfold". The track were simply compiled by him, not mixed.
by Kraemer0581 July 31, 2006
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The best trance DJ ever. Listen to his Essential Mix. It will change your life.
Space Live in Ibiza is one of the best trance mixes I have ever heard. It will make you cry.
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
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