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Patriotica n. a portmanteu of Patriot and Erotica. The raging red white and blue boner you get after hearing the national anthem before a baseball game, watching F-22 Talons fly over, seeing Arlington National Cemetary, shooting fireworks on Independence Day, or seeing a soldier return to his family. This boner is bigger than any one you could get even after railing a line of Viagra while watching Kate Upton dance in a bikini. (sorry ladies but you just don't compare to good old 'MURICA) Every red blooded American who has experienced this physiological phenomenon knows that America really is the big swinging dick of the world. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Antonyms include: Obamania, Libtard, Occupy Wall Street.

Synonyms include: Team America, Winning
Guy one: man I swear, watching President Reagan's Speeches on Youtube has been like porn to me lately.

Guy two: that is some hardcore Patriotica! there's no shame in popping a good old fashioned American woody after watching that! check out his 1964 speech to the RNC!

Guy one: *Splooge*

Liberal: I suck at life so I'm gonna go protest people on Wall Street who actually made something of their lives and became successful.
by dugard May 25, 2012
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