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The Blackhawks winger that wears number 88. He is nicknamed Kaner or hatrick kane because of his hatrick against the canucks in game 6 of the playoffs this year.
Guy 1: who is your favorite hockey player?

Guy 2: I gotta go with Patrick Kane

Announcer: Hatrick Kane gets his 3rd goal of the day!
by rh15 May 25, 2009

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the opposite of a sausage fest where there is a giant group of girls together or if the girl guy ratio is heavily favored to the female side
gay guy 1: this is boring lets get out of here
gay guy 2: yeah this is such a taco fest
by rh15 September 06, 2009

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The act of masturbating with your left hand to mix things up in your pleasuring expirence. During the middle of this you realize that you are so lonely that you start to feel shameful for using left hand shame.
I had sex with an exotic stranger known as my left hand. I felt like shit after wards and it was probally my left hand shame.
by rh15 August 25, 2009

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A commercial that is completely irrelevant to the product
guy 1: i was watching this commercial with 3 hot babes having a pillow fight. i was left asking wtf when i found out it was for a chevy truck.

guy 2: oh dude thats a wtf commercial
by rh15 November 08, 2009

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