A pat given in order to make someone feel better, usually done over text since you're not there to give it in person.
Jack: I'm so sad man, I lost my wallet...
Kylie: Damn, didn't you just draw out cash?
Jack: Yeah...
Kylie: patpat
by automaticeyes March 17, 2016
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To gently pat someones crotch area to identify their gender.
Greg patpats all his prostitutes after his terrible run-in with a tranny.
by Syncpowah August 02, 2005
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Noun. A somewhat juvenile and usually unprovoked assault whereby the assailant flicks the groin region of a male victim with the back of their fingers. Popular in private boys schools in Brisbane in the 1980s.
'Why's he rolling on the ground like that?' - 'Patpat'.
by Bernie the Attorney October 12, 2021
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a celebration on october 20 for making Patricia Juana Hortaleza Beltran alive :>
by you'remama October 17, 2020
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