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It can either be the last name of a person or a large amount of weed, if its a last name then the kid is italian, jacked and has a huge dick that tends to fuck every girl that comes his was being a player or pimp. Or it can be used in the original way, a slang term for weed.
"Yo man give me a pati of weed"

"That kid Nick Pati , he's a beast you don't wanna fuck with him"
by NiKEiD May 20, 2009
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A guy with an uncanny taste for sandwhiches, a slow witted person who has trouble understanding even the most basic of concepts.
Phil:''Jesus Christ that guys been in subway for hours he's bought like ten of those subs man''

Esteban:''Yeah the guy is a total Pati''


Pete:''Man you're acting so dopey today''

Hulio:''yeah sorry i'm doing a Pati today aren't I?''
by HUPTAR June 06, 2009
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