(PAY-see-ING) Acting like such a boss cause you have so much swag
He was Pasing up in that club last night.
by joethejackwagon October 29, 2011
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To do a line or a bump of cocaine
Quieres aventarte un pase compa?
by Ramiro April 13, 2005
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(noun). Spanish word that means "cocaine".
(1) "We snorted some good pase at Joe's party. We were high all night."

(2) I've got to share my pase with my girlfriend or else she'll drive me crazy with her begging and pleading."
by Johnny Z. Styles May 14, 2010
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A derogatory phrase used to subjugate someone in Spanish. It literally translates to "cum snort," and is performed by ejaculating on your rival's chest, then making them blow dry it, scrape it off with a razor blade, remove stray chest hair, cut it into a line, then snort it.

In certain circles, the ejaculate is snorted directly off the victim's chest, and in some cases the ejaculate is snorted in liquid form.
ENGLISH: Pepe received a "pase de mecos" before the competition.

ESPANOL: Antes de su competencia, Pepe recibio un "pase de mecos."
by PinchesCuerpos September 26, 2010
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