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after recieving a bj u expload on a plate and make ur feamle partner snort it up..
bro i gave ur mom the biggest cum snort last night..
by j-tizz March 12, 2005
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1. A CumSnort is an action that occurs while a woman is giving a guy a blow job and as the guy cums in the back of her throat, he says something hysterically funny and she snorts the the hot cum out of her nose like snot. Think of a reversed snarling dragon

2. CumSnort can also be an instance where a person has a fetish of lining up their own or their partner's cum into rails or bumps, much like cocaine, and inhaling the rails through their nostrils.
I said the funniest shit to my girlfriend when she was giving me head and as I cum in her mouth she will CumSnort my shit back at me like a snot rocket.

I was at this party and I saw this guy named Big Gay pour shots of cum out of a shot glass on to a glass topped coffee table and CumSnort it up his nose with a cut plastic straw... What a sick fuck
by seersuckerfucker May 28, 2009
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when your girl takes a big load in the mouth and it is so much that it comes out of her nose.
the other night my girl sucked me off when i shot my load in her mouth it came out of her nose - cumsnort
by ryan2006 October 24, 2006
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