A ethnic tribal group, largest tribal group in the world matter of a fact, that is situated in Afghanistan and on the borderline between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Historically, the word "Afghan" means Pashtun. The word has been destinated historically based on past invaders (The Greeks and the British for example)

Pashtuns are the 26th-largest ethnic group in the world, and the largest segmentary lineage society.

Pashtuns to adhere to Pashtunwali codes.

Three main Pashtunwali codes are:
1. Hospitality
3.Justice and Revenge

Other principles include faith, honour, bravery, loyalty, respect, courage (manhood), and mostly importantly country (AFGHANISTAN)

The Pashtuns are famously known for their bravery and warriors. They have outed empires and super powers from Afghanistan. One entity has not ever controlled Afghanistan for a long period of time.
"The Pashtun tribes are always
engaged in private or public
war. Every man is a warrior, a
politician and a theologian Every
large house is a real feudal
fortress....Every family cultivates
its vendetta; every clan, its
feud.... Nothing is ever forgotten
and very few debts are left
unpaid." --Winston Churchill
by Historical information November 13, 2022
An Iranian Race prodominately inhabiting Afghanistan, and Northwestern Pakistan. The Language of the Pashtuns is Pashto whos origins can be traced back to Old Persian and other Iranian Tongues such as Palavi. Pashtuns(Afghans) like their Iranians cousins from across the border are ethnic Aryans(Iranian). They usually do not mix with non-aryan races in Afghanistan such as the Uzbeks and Hazara. However some Pashtuns are mixed with Greek and Macedonian blood, which give some Pashtuns their European characteristics. They are often competed with by the Tajiks(an ethnic minority, with significant representation in Afghan Government).
Pop. Of Pashtuns in Afghanistan: 56%, Pakistan: 22%, Iran: 6%
by Dr. Afshin Hossainian September 27, 2006
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