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a party held over a fax machine. usually between two people. It's like text messaging, but it's free. You can even draw doodles or fax pictures!
"Hey Chelsea! Do you want to have a fax machine party?"
Chelsea: "Freak! You are so weird! No, I don't want to have a fax machine party! Leave me alone or I will call the cops!"
by waldeaux February 7, 2008
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The state one acquires after having two shots of alcohol at a party. (Usually Guinness).
Matt had a couple of shots the other night, he's such a party-machine.
by bobsledder59 December 14, 2018
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Someone who can shug jack Daniels, smoke fat blunts allday, and party hard like a machine I mean hard like Charlie Sheen, jim Morrison, and jimi hendrix, etc.
Damn lmao that dude is a party machine, he drank 1500ml of whiskey, a 30 pack, then snorted fat lines off a strippers ass all night.
by Scuba Steve dude December 21, 2013
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