Extreme partying that includes lots of liquor, drugs, hot chicks, open bedrooms. Party that has no end time.
Yeah, tonight we're gonna party down like Tupac was still alive. Lots of bush, booze, bud, and beds, bro.
by Pistol Packing Pappy April 26, 2010
The single greatest show that aired on Stars network from March 20th, 2009 to June 25th, 2010. Starring Adam Scott (Parks and Rec) Ken Marino (a ton of shit) Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, Masters of Sex)
"Hey man! What are you watching?"
" OH MAN PARTY DOWN!!! ONLY THE BEST SHOW EVER! You should check it out on Hulu Plus!"
by jennnar January 4, 2015
A reality television series made by the producers of "Jersey Shore". It is usually seen on CMT or MTV. It's basically the country version of jersey shore. It's first season has already got more views then season 1 and 2 of jersey shore combined and is still being filmed and broadcasting today.
by REDNECK PARTIER February 27, 2014
A hipster party in which everyone flails their limbs to dubstep as if they had cerebral palsy.
Let's check out this warehouse gig and party downs.
by Ol' DB November 28, 2011
a party in a girls vagina, usually a mom. Needs to be kenny's mom cause she is the only one big enough. you usually bring furniture and climb up in her vagina. Also, bring food. Go there every night at 6pm. Actually a.m. cause she is sleeping so nothing will tip over.
Are you going to the party down under?

hells yeah

Bring chips

by The bomb shizznit May 10, 2005
The grooming style where a guy has a close-cropped haircut on top and wears a long bushy beard below. A hairstyle popular with musicians and hipsters. trendy, beard, hipster, musician, haircut, hairstyle, grooming
I like your new cut and now you’ve grown a beard, how very hipster of you. I don’t know, to me it says I’m business on top, party down below!
by joecoolthefool October 11, 2017