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A smorgasbord of substances to bring to a party in quantities for everyone to enjoy. Party packs contain lean, molly, Xanax, loud (marijuana), and clean (hard liquor).
Tim: yo Jarob, you brought that party pack.

Jarob: hell yeah dude, some sizurp, Molly, xans. enough for everybody
by Ronnie McSqueezybuns July 03, 2016
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Noun. Any amount of marijuana that consists of more than one strain. A mixture of more than one type of ganja. A party pack can be contained in a blunt, joint, bowl, baggie, etc., as long as the weed is mixed with multiple strains.
Wow, that party pack was smokin!

"What kind of bud do you have in that baggie?"
"Man, its a party pack! I mixed OJ kush with grandady purp and then I added a sprinkle of white widow. Would you like to smoke a bowl?"
by GalacticGanja November 18, 2013
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A pack of ciggs you buy and have no problem handing them out whenever someone ask.
Person 1:Yo, can I have a cigg?

Person 2: you got it dude, this a party pack.
by That Nigga Tee December 14, 2014
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A party pack is a pack designed specifically for parties and generally costs right around $80. It includes:
- 1 Natty Caddy
- 1 Handle of Jim Beam (or comparable handle of liquor)
- 1 Big bag of Ice
- 1 Big Sleeve of 16oz cups
- 2-4 ping pong balls
- Mixers (Optional)
Bill: What should we do tonight?
Dan: I think that's obvious...
Bill: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Dan: I think it's Party Pack time!
Bill: Oooooh Yeah! What would the night be like without a Party Pack?
by Party Pack Aficionado February 17, 2012
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A pack of at least 12 condoms. Ready for a gang bang or running a train....safely.
"We'll bring a party pack" - said the group of guys to the friendly girl walking past their porch
by Kirzballz August 10, 2011
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Usually carried by dudes who like to see everyone else get as intoxicated as they are. It can be a backpack or as simple as a brown paper bag.
Yo mike just pulle d the J.D. out of his party pack.
by Henry sanchez February 19, 2005
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