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Andy Poland is a famous voice actor and composer of Jellyvision and Jackbox Games. Voiced hosts such as Old Man, Bob, Guy Towers. Andy Poland is the VP of Audio and Editorial at Jackbox Games. Also responsible of making Pipstar to hum to every song he made.
Andy Poland
by quartz89_alt March 18, 2022
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A race on who can cum faster inside a dolphin while sucking and watching someone's OF. The first to cum gets lots of Dolphin sexy thots that play with you and fuck you to death and sex so much cum the whole ocean became "shark milk". Pipstar should join this... It'd be interesting...
Shark Olympics
by quartz89_alt February 8, 2022
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An act of bouncing your butt on a cock or dildo that is color purple.
Mauve-lous Movement art
by quartz89_alt February 8, 2022
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The host of Poll Mine. And i heared she has a fat ass.
Laverne Caverne
by quartz89_alt March 18, 2022
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deserves to be ignored, supposed to be ignored, and theres this dumb shit called quote 115 which is the WORST THING EVER MADE AND SHOULD BE IGNORED. And theres a group of people called "The Anti-quote 115 Gang" and they are the best, they spread propaganda for ignoring quote 115, and it has been heard all around the world and one day the audience will be removed!! IGNORE QUOTE 115, IT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!!

Propagandist Ld. Yardboilovesignoringquote115
MSM Audience
by quartz89_alt April 1, 2022
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