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Very pretty,A great dancer,Is never going to be heart broken,Speaks her mind,Has the best Bestfriend,is really smart,and is the coolest person you will ever meet❤️
Parris is really a lot of things you wouldn't know a person would be
by Issaqueen March 13, 2017
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a Feckless, Shameless, Coward whose purpose in Life is to please Donald J. Trump with Oral Praise and Bullshit Compliments. ( Noun ).
Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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by FortunateSun October 24, 2019
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Parris is a great friend she is there when u need her at most she loves food and usually takes it from people she is funny and loves to roast people a lot she is trust worthy u can talk to her about anything she is dirty minded at times and sometimes is a wuss but she is an awesome person
If you don’t have a parris get one
by Ooflane621 March 17, 2019
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Drop dead gorgeous chick! Beautiful smile (probably one of her best asset) pretty sparkly eyes

She is more mature than people of her age, and often looked up to by her peers. She is very smart, but is often confused. Not very funny, but has a sense of humor that needs to be unleashed.
There comes Parris...let's see if we see the stars in her eyes today...
by Kid Cuddy March 03, 2011
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the most kind and careing person in the world .a joker makes anything sound jokes. if you have him as a friend keep him because theres only one of him in the world.he also normaly laughs at his own jokes.
"god my friend is such a f**king parri"
by jack321 January 28, 2009
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A cute darkskin boy with a big ass dick and can fuck good as hell. He treats a girl how she is suppose to be treated
Parris got a big ass dick
by Yagirlrii September 23, 2018
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1. A go hard who is up there.
2. When a person overuses trend words such as "go hard" and "up there" within phrases usually with the word "right?" attached at the end.
Because you go harder than me right? Girl, quit tryin' to pull a Parris!
by Bomdiggity!!! September 24, 2010
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