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Par-neon: noun - A very random and unorganized, yet creative and talented individual with a unique sense of style; infatuated with mirrors; obsessed with perfection; always analyzing everything; drawn to beauty, attracted to metrosexuals; highly intelligent and logical, yet quixotic; hypochondriac; Persian.
Person 1: "Why is she spending so much time staring at herself in the mirror?"

Person 2: "Because she found a grey hair and thinks she has premature aging. She is obsessing over it while analyzing herself in the mirror."

Person 1: "Well she is a crazy Persian."

Person 2: "No, she is just a typical Parnian."
by Enzo Joon February 08, 2008
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a person who loves METROS.. their obbsessed with incubus ..their in love with brandon boyd.. creative with making a perfect hell...IS PERSIAN... has PERSIAN PRIDe.. hates blondes. ..can be veery random...has issues...
"omg MFO is the best" OMG.. i soo do not liek metros...(denial)
by tom March 20, 2005
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Parnian.. A person who is obsessed with how their eyebrows look..This person does not follow any trends. Secretly loves The OC and Spice Girls but won't tell anyone. Obbsessed with hair and hair products. This person never wants to tbe a prep.They will never buy cloths from american eagle but will buy jeans that are named "american rag" only b/c it's from macys. Oh and they love EMO . oh they are all democrats
"dude are my eyebrows good".. "omg you need new hairspray" quotes from a Parnian.
"lack of color was labeled indie but i labeled it emo.. its oo emo"
by Laura March 20, 2005
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buy the domain for your art blog
LOVES EMO MUSIC... Is in love with METROSEXUALS... Such as _ _ _ _ I_ _ _ _ _ lol in MFS... OH and secrelty follows the trends but doenst tell people.. Such as OC...Loves emo such as POstal Service..
OMG.. i wanna be a model for METRO park
by steve March 20, 2005
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