Shoving a handful of quarters into a girl's slot and then leaving her on the sidewalk next to the gutter.
Rita the Hooker charged me for a whole hour when she only had to work for three minutes, so I gave her a parking meter in exact change.
by sno September 28, 2004
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(CPM) A sex postion requiring a prostitute, a roll of quarters, a pocket knife and a bottle of Canadian maple syrup. This is an extremely difficult maneuver. It requires a lot of vigor and practice. I have been able to accomplish this feat only twice, and I am considered a Canadian Parking Meter guru. This maneuver is VERY dangerous. There are only two other documented cases of this challenge ever being completed. To start your journey of completing the CPM you'll need to engage in doggy style sex with the prostitute. Keep going until you are about to ejaculate and right as it begins to shoot out flip around and squirt that whore in the eye, but don't use all of your cum. Jump back around and cum in her asshole. Take the roll of quarters and put it in a fist, and punch that bitch in the back of the head knocking her out. Here is where the bottle of maple syrup comes in. Take the cap off and shove it in her ass emptying the bottle. Save the bottle however, you'll need it again later. Take the pocket knife and cut the bottom half of the syrup bottle off creating a makeshift funnel. Deeply insert the funnel in her ass then break the roll of quarters in the funnel allowing her payment to be timely and efficient (The syrup ensures the quarters stick to the inside of her anus. You'll need to leave as soon as possible The end result is an extremely satisfied customer and a pissed off whore. But once she takes a shit she'll see the quarters and be like "Hey he did pay me after all!"
I attempted the Canadian Parking Meter and ended up with a murder charge.
by AndeezzzBawzzzz December 16, 2010
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These are people who annoy you so much that the clock /or meter starts counting down the moment you see them. These individuals are usually found lurking at family reunions, weddings and holiday dinners. Put in your virtual quarter for the meter and get out of that situation when you've had enough.
Oh no! There's my cousin Jimmy who I can't stand being around. I can only be near him for about 15 minutes. He's one of my Parking Meter People!
by Billiest April 18, 2019
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