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These are people who annoy you so much that the clock /or meter starts counting down the moment you see them. These individuals are usually found lurking at family reunions, weddings and holiday dinners. Put in your virtual quarter for the meter and get out of that situation when you've had enough.
Oh no! There's my cousin Jimmy who I can't stand being around. I can only be near him for about 15 minutes. He's one of my Parking Meter People!
by Billiest April 18, 2019
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When working as a professional in your field, you are usually faced with input from colleagues that have different and often over-bearing opinions. Sometimes they beat down your expertise to where there is no choice but to let them have it their way. It is a modern day "Pearls before Swine" when you give in, but it beats getting high blood pressure. Let it go.

Some people are hell-bent on putting their "taint" on your project even though they don't have your skills.
"The producer kept beating me down until I made the CD cover polka dot. I let him have his ketchup on a lobster"
by Billiest March 8, 2010
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