Papu papu papu papu papu papu papu
Person #1= you know who is papu?

Person #2= papu papu papu papu 😎🥵🤟🏾😮 💨
by Miku lazo November 23, 2021
Literally, nickname that a northern mexican call you by as black people to nigga
by Aestrolopitecus November 2, 2018
In Pakistan, Papu refers to a guy who is good looking, smart and handsome. It may also refer to someone who has innocent yet attractive looks.
Yar yeh Ozi to bohat papu larka hai. Kaash yeh mera bf hota.
by Shah-Khi September 26, 2021
Sara to her friend:
Shah is such a papu boy. Wish he was my bf.
by Shah-Khi September 29, 2021
When he tries to call you “papi” but is too dumb or lazy to fix the wrong letter
“oh yea papu”
by spm December 10, 2017