a nigga who fucking the shit outta yhu
by Te'Onni August 24, 2016
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A Spanish Person Usually From The Dominican Republic Or Columbia Thats Sell a Large amout of Drugs (Usually Cociane) To Big Drug Dealers in The States.
When i'm done, i'm gonna call Papi for some more Bricks
by Willie Blanco April 17, 2006
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A gay daddy who dresses in a sun suit.


- Committing suicide by various methods
- Sucking
- Voring his son
- Doing milk rituals
"Papi is fucking weirdo"
by Popee's Circus July 19, 2018
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I need to holla at papi about some blow.
by Jaehood December 9, 2003
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Derogative Term To Referring Your Self To Being Somebody's Bitch.
*During Basketball game*
Guy2:thanks bitch.
by Tim ;] July 11, 2008
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pet name used by a female for a male, mainly by carribbean peoples (puerto ricans, cubans, columbians, and floridians). can be used for friends/boyfriends/husbands/ or random people.

a lot of people assume it is only used for lovers, but it is used for anyone who is male.
Oye Papi! Que tu haces?

Ay Papi! Que rico!
by mamita puertoriquena March 10, 2007
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