When a guy pounds someone in the ass so hard it starts to bleed and the mans cock turns red and when he cums it’s a mix of blood, shit, and cum.
Oh yes papi, fuck me and give me a sloppy papi
by Uselessnamehere February 19, 2019
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Someone who is extremely shy and sweet, with quite a bad stutter. They enjoy wearing white with a blue scarf. They are extremely sociable but extremely obedient.
Person: "I like hanging out with our favourite Snow Papy!"
by MugManNumber932 January 24, 2021
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Isabella: Si papi! Si papi! Si papi! Yo quiero mas papi!
Juan: You like my horse cock?
by bubbles6 9/10 March 19, 2022
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A very smart guy who spreads wholesomeness and may be seen as very judgemental.
by Allensanity December 5, 2018
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it is when u are slape dby ur dad in the boobs
ohhh yess papi
by cancer453 October 15, 2017
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