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1. A Spanish word (Central American) term that literally translates as 'father' into English. It is often used along with papa to refer to ones father.

2. A slang term that is similar in affect to Daddy in the phrase "Who's your Daddy?!" Often given by women to their boyfriends/husbands or to their sex partner. It is most often used during intercourse, but is also just used as a pet name. During intercourse it can be used to describe both pain or pleasure. For example "AI! Papi!" with emphasis on the Ai could be used when it is hurting, while "Ai papi!" or "Oh papi!" could indicate pleasure.

3. A title sometimes taken on by the leading members of a gang, similar to the Father of a Mafia.
1. Is it ok if I go over to Anajeli's tonight?

Only if you're back by eleven.

But Papi!

2. Ai papi, that feels good! Oh papi, harder! AI! PAPI! Take it easy I can feel it in my stomache!

3. Papi called, there's something going down tonight.
by SvF_BD02_Wedge January 04, 2007
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Spanish- "Big daddy" - typically combined with "Aye" during sexual encounters with young latin ladies from south Texas if you're hitting the right spot
by nightmonkey November 27, 2003
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pet name used by a female for a male, mainly by carribbean peoples (puerto ricans, cubans, columbians, and floridians). can be used for friends/boyfriends/husbands/ or random people.

a lot of people assume it is only used for lovers, but it is used for anyone who is male.
Oye Papi! Que tu haces?

Ay Papi! Que rico!
by mamita puertoriquena March 10, 2007
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A sexy latino or black male that has lotta personality & apariance. Mostly use in hispanics males.
by ThugMami1 July 15, 2003
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A name that mexicans and mexican americans use as an endearment for calling their young sons, nephews.

It is also has the meaning of "Little Daddy"
Papi, go pick up your toys so we can go to the park.

Ay, Papi you are growing up so fast.

Papi your a great soccer player.
by tejanaforever August 23, 2009
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