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1. A Spanish word (Central American) term that literally translates as 'father' into English. It is often used along with papa to refer to ones father.

2. A slang term that is similar in affect to Daddy in the phrase "Who's your Daddy?!" Often given by women to their boyfriends/husbands or to their sex partner. It is most often used during intercourse, but is also just used as a pet name. During intercourse it can be used to describe both pain or pleasure. For example "AI! Papi!" with emphasis on the Ai could be used when it is hurting, while "Ai papi!" or "Oh papi!" could indicate pleasure.

3. A title sometimes taken on by the leading members of a gang, similar to the Father of a Mafia.
1. Is it ok if I go over to Anajeli's tonight?

Only if you're back by eleven.

But Papi!

2. Ai papi, that feels good! Oh papi, harder! AI! PAPI! Take it easy I can feel it in my stomache!

3. Papi called, there's something going down tonight.
by SvF_BD02_Wedge January 4, 2007
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The satisfying release of the bowels on the morning (or afternoon) following a wild night of body shots and beer bonging.
I woke up this morning blurry eyed and with a nasty headache, and promptly went and releaved myself of my dumpover.
by SvF_BD02_Wedge February 10, 2007
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